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Your next new adventure in Tuscany ❤️

Welcome to Tuscany! My name is Francesca and I am a licensed tour guide born and grew up in Montepulciano: home of the Nobile wine, but not only ….
Thanks to the tours that I propose we could walk through the city streets to discover art, crafts, food and wine, offering you the opportunity to understand how these aspects are the basis of the Tuscan traditions and our slow life.
I will help you in live your customized stay in my land allowing you to choose what you like best. Precisely for this reason I created TU-TUSCANYTOURS.COM: a new interactive way to experience the holiday where YOU ( Tu is the second person of the pronoun You!) are the protagonist! So, what are you waiting for? Let’s start now to experience Tuscany!..


montepulciano tour

Territory of wines and aromas Montepulciano offers unique sensory experiences.
A tour and a challenge with your sense of smell: we will start with a visit to an herbalist where we will be embraced by the essences of herbal teas to prepare the nose to the scents of wine that we will taste in a historic cellar with lesson about wine aromas!
Art, wine and senses in one tour!.

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